Forms of Radio Programmes

4 Forms of Radio Programmes You Should Know About

So JahWorthy, a friend and colleague paid us a visit on Learn Radio Online some days ago. He appreciated our strategy towards breeding the next Superstar OAPs and called my attention to something.

He apparently went through the tutorial where I discussed the 9 Formats of Radio Programmes and recommended that I adjust the tutorial a bit.

Of course, the tutorial was a bit long nonetheless worthwhile but his recommendation was borne out of the need to separate the explanation on the formats of Radio Programmes from the forms of Radio Programmes.

As important as it is to understand the formats of Radio Programmes, understanding the forms with which each of the formats is best used is pretty much important as well. And his recommendation informed the decision to jug off this tutorial from the other one and discuss it a bit more.

Forms of Programmes are the various modes which your programme can assume during the production and presentation process.

Aptly understanding these forms and utilizing each appropriately is important as it allows you the space to adequately prepare for both human and material resources necessary to pull off the programme.

Basically, there are four forms of radio programmes;

  1. Live Form

This form of programme is presented live on air. It is aired immediately as it is being presented. Most radio programmes are presented in this form these days. Live presentation demands a high level of professionalism and organized flow of thoughts to handle, confidence to understand that thousands of people are listening to you right away, smartness to handle emergencies during live programming and being conversant with your script in order to ensure coherence.


I personally do not advise that a first timer on Radio should start with live presentation though I did start with that and I know a lot of people who did too but the effect of committing a blunder on Radio especially at the early days of your adventure could alter your confidence so much that it might take a lot more to recuperate and go on air live again.


  1. Recorded Form

This mode allows for a pre-recording and consequent broadcast much after editing patches and touches here and there. It is a nice way to begin for a Radio starter as it prepares your mind for the challenge of presenting live on air.

It is also highly recommended that programs such as Radio Dramas are recorded and edited and not broadcast live ditto for Vox Pop.

The case of Vox Pop might be a little bit difficult anyway if you are on Outside Broadcast which is being broadcast straight to air and you need to sample the opinion of the public which is what Vox Pop is used for.


Hence, you’ll like to be careful and perhaps briefly orientate your respondents particularly on NTBB before putting them on air.


  1. Studio-Based Form

Just as its name implies, studio based form of programme are produced and presented in the studio.


  1. Outside Broadcast Form

This form of programme is a live or recorded reportage of events or happenings which are done outside the studio.


Noteworthy to mention is the fact that a radio programme might be a combination of two of the formats mentioned above. It could be a recorded or live studio based programme. Just the same way it could be a recorded or live outside broadcast programs.


So, there you go, the forms of Radio programmes. Is there anyone you think I missed? Then you can use the comment section below and I’ll definitely check and pick it up from there. Also, I don’t know if you’ve checked the tutorial of Formats of Radio Programs, if you have, then let’s do something.


Just tell me which of the formats discussed in that tutorial is suitable for each of the forms discussed here.

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