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Learnradioonline.com is a social experiment. We are a product of a concerned mind’s desire to nurture the next sets of superstar Radio Hosts that will take the media space by storm.

If you seek to be one, then we believe this can be done by feeding you with the rudiments of getting on radio in a dexterous manner that has never been done before by demystifying distance and space. Learnradioonline.com is not just your regular blog. It is the next superstar OAP’s guide to attaining that feat.

With research-fueled blog posts, experience-influenced tutorials and enlightened opinions on the radio industry, here, we make you understand what you have to do, why you have to do it, how you have to do it and most importantly where you can do it.

Therefore, if your need is to understand the nitty gritty of being on radio, you want to up your game in the business or need to connect with industry influencers and have them share their wealth of experience with you, catch up on the latest radio job opportunity, all of this at your comfort, then this is the right place for you.

We could however take things personal a little bit. Oh, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m sorry! I was overwhelmed by the excitement of this experiment.

Okay, I’m Sultan Grey. Peeps call me the Sultan of Radio – well, I’ve learnt not to mind. I am a broadcast journalist, Media Content Developer, an OAP, Radio Producer, VJ, Red Carpet Host, Public Speaker, Spoken Words Artiste and since they call what we do here blogging, then I can add being a Blogger to the profile.

However, most importantly is I am that radio guy that seeks to give to you what he wasn’t opportuned to have. A platform that fuels your passion to be on radio by scribbling informative pieces of tutorials and ‘how-to’s into a blog post that many aspiring On Air Personalities can read, digest, act on and launch their journey onto being the Next Radio Superstar.

So, let’s get talking as I could help you launch your career onto our wonderful blind medium called Radio. Click here to reach out and you’re a step ahead towards achieving that dream. Myself and my able team of Radio professionals are waiting for you to join us because it is sincerely amazing here.

See you at the other end!

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