Computer Software

5 Computer Software You Should Know How to Use as an Aspiring OAP

Starting out on Radio, I was able to clinch some opportunities simply because of my computer literacy and digital skillset. Ordinarily, I had an early introduction to computers and the internet having trained as a desktop publisher several years before Radio even came into the picture. During my internship with a particular Radio station, with […]

Broadcasting Terminologies

100 Broadcasting Terminologies You Should Know About: Part 1

The general world of broadcasting (radio & TV) just like any other professional field has a lot of terminologies that are mostly understandable to only industry insiders. Every introduction of innovative ways to carry out the duty of broadcasting comes with a number of terms and slang developed over time to assist in the rapid […]

Broadcast Audience

Audience Considerations in the Production of Broadcast Programmes

The type of audience you are set to broadcast to is very crucial and necessary to any right thinking and creative broadcast programs producer or presenter. One of the very early steps in radio programmes production is identifying the audience towards which the programme is targeted. The type of audience you are set to broadcast […]

Ira Wazobia FM Newscaster

On Becoming a Radio Newscaster

Newscasts, also known as bulletins or news programs, differ in content, tone, and presentation style depending on the in-house policies and broadcast style of the station as well as their timeslot. A Newscaster is the personnel in the field of broadcast journalism who broadcasts various news events and other reported information through a certain platform […]


How to Produce an Engaging Newscast

Having worked with several media houses as a reporter, I can affirm that putting together a newscast that is highly informative, compelling, engaging and interesting is one of journalism’s greatest challenges. It’s like preparing a great meal. All of the individual items must be good, and they should be presented in an engaging and appealing […]