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Characteristics of an Ideal Radio Producer

A tutor of mine once told me during one of the numerous radio broadcast training I attended. She said a producer is an idea’s person; someone who articulates the subject matter and ensures that the aims and objectives of a radio program are being achieved.

This is someone with vast experience as a Radio producer. I pondered on that defining statement and realized that these same adjectives are for the Radio presenter as well and not just the producer.

This is so because there has been a merger of those two roles; the radio presenter and the radio producer.

Gone are the days when a Producer is assigned to every show on Radio. Most radio stations as I have alluded to here earlier prefer to get Radio presenters that can also produce their programs themselves.

Yes, we know you are naturally gifted with the communicative flow to be on radio. You have the energy to handle all sorts of radio programs; your diction is great and you have a voice that will keep people glued to their Radio set. Yet, you need to understand all that it takes to produce and not just anchor your own show. To start with, you need to understand who a Radio producer is and what he does in a Radio setting.

Douglas Jekan
Douglas Wokocha-Jekan [Nigerian Radio Producers are not always in the spotlight]
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A producer is that person saddled with the responsibility of harnessing all elements needed for the successful production of a given radio show; that includes you as a presenter.

As a matter of fact, we have come from an age where we say that a Radio producer is the lifeline of the Radio programs. He owns the show and directs every bit of the production process. That is from the pre-production stage to the R & P in post-production. He is a great mobilizer. He ensures that all the materials needed for the program are available.

His duty starts from the conception of the program idea especially when the program is not a station program. He starts by creating the program out of the idea. Then he comes up with the program brief, synopsis and layout to be packaged in the program proposal.

The program proposal alongside a 13-weeks episodic layout of program is presented at the Program Planning Conference which so many radio stations do not bother to hold anymore anyway.


After Program Approval

Upon approval of the program, the producer starts by scouting for the production crew and most importantly the presenter best fitting for the show. Script writing and mechanization follows which is influenced by the form and format of the show.

He sets the goal so that the program does not lose focus; literally he takes charge and dictates the pace and controls the settings at the production point.

The producer also has the duty to ensure that the resource persons for each of the 13-week episodes of the program – which makes a broadcast quarter – are available. And he tutors the resource persons on the ethics of the studio, NTBB words and other broadcast etiquette.

He prepares the billings and makes surrogates in case of failure on the part of the resource person. A producer does not take no for an answer.

Ahmad Isah, the host of Nigeria's "Brekete Family" radio program, is an amazing Radio producer cum presenter.
Ahmad Isah, the host of Nigeria’s “Brekete Family” radio program, is an amazing Radio producer cum presenter.
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  1. Talent (an idea’s person).
  2. Creative ability.
  3. Flair for the profession
  4. Versatile
  5. An authority
  6. Resourceful, flexible and resilient.
  7. Controls the production team.
  8. Attentive to the environment
  9. Exceptionally knowledgeable


The personnel who I have just described above and his duty explained is an ideal producer. These days, we find most Radio presenters playing these same roles because Radio stations have brazen up to employ a producer-presenter and not separate producer and separate presenters.

Therefore, what is required of you who seeks to venture in the Radio industry goes beyond a wonderful voice and a nice diction (of course, those are extremely important as they sets you apart from peers), but a well groomed understanding of Radio content production, script writing and mechanization, production mobilization are important while keeping your eyes on the goals of the Radio program.

I have dropped a detailed explanation of the stages involved in producing amazing Radio broadcast content and will prepare a detailed and practical piece on Script Writing soon.


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