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Welcome! To start with, we hope you’ve checked what is all about, if not, then you can click here just to make sure we are on the same page.

We figured out that there are a few reasons why you should reach out to us. Yes! And here are some of those reasons.

  1. Having listened to radio for so long, you dreamed that you found yourself speaking barrages of grammar on Radio one day but unfortunately, you woke up and it remained what it actually is – a dream. Good, we can make that dream become a reality.
  2. You started your adventure onto radio a while ago. Started with internship, learning on the job or something but right inside you, there’s still that feeling of ‘I need to know more’; ‘there’s more to this than I’m doing’; and nobody seems to be telling you what the secret is. Yes! You’re in safe hands because as you’ve rightly guessed, there’s more to being the next Superstar Radio Host then grammars, a nice voice and a moderate bit of composure. Now, just be ready to know more.
  3. You’re looking out to engage with us on a project that has to do with radio; Master-class, Crash Courses and you’re in need of resource persons to mobilize for such. Don’t worry, we have you covered as our team of radio professionals and our rich cream of professional affiliates will do justice to your topics to the amazement of your audience.
  4. You lost your last Radio job/gig? Yes, it happens – I lost mine, twice! You missed jiggling that console and changing the songs on the deck, discussing those amazing topics and casting that news. So, you need to badly get back on Radio to do what you know how to do best. Yes, that’s we are here. You can check out our Radio job opportunities here though and also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on vacancies and openings, but then we could still take things further.
  5. You need to collaborate with us on any project, guest write for us, advertise your media event, shows, programs etc.

If your answer is yes to any of the above slated problems (they ain’t really problems anymore since you’re here), then quickly fill the contact form below and let’s get talking. Our team of professional Radio geeks will be at the receiving end of your complaints, so you’re safe.

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