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From Me to You: A 7-Point Epistle to All ‘Aspiring Radio Presenter’

Dear Aspiring Radio Presenter,

It is from a place of concern and goodwill that I write this epistle to you. This is a free gift from me to you. For me, it is a composition of lessons learnt; some in a very hard way. The truth is we all make mistakes in life but it will be foolhardy to still make such mistakes when you’re aware of them already.

This 7-point lessons are borne out of what I have experienced myself and some I have observed. Either ways, I’m sure that if you take this to heart, your path onto becoming a superstar OAP will be less traumatic.


1. Figure Out Your ‘Big Why’

As I have earlier stated in this piece on ‘4 Reasons Why You Should Never Be an OAP’, it is very important for you to figure out why you want to be a radio presenter. This reason must be very personal to you and most importantly strong enough to keep your drive alive.

It is important for you to figure out why you are embarking on this journey of becoming a Radio Presenter (Credit: Medium)
It is important for you to figure out why you are embarking on this journey of becoming a Radio Presenter (Credit: Medium)

Bear in mind that no reason is trivial. Mine used to be making Maami happy and having her walk around the neighborhood with a transistor Radio in its highest volume, reveling in the fact that her son is on Radio.

That was all it was for me for a long time. And since it kept alive, my drive to remain on Radio even when I was not earning a penny, it was legit.


2. Be Original

For everyone in the media, one of the worst things to do is trying to be someone else. You have to be yourself because everyone else is taken. Be original, be true to yourself. Understand your strength and your weakness. Capitalize on your strength so much as to overshadow your weakness.

You’re blessed with an angelic voice? Make the best use of that. You understand the dynamics of your native language? Speak it on Radio to the best of your abilities. Anything you find unique about yourself, showcase it whenever you have the opportunity to and in no time it will become exclusive for you.

Be Original; Be Yourself (Credit: Happenings)
Be Original; Be Yourself (Credit: Happenings)

For a while now, there has been the debate on how much attention you have to pay to speaking the British accent while on Radio. In fact, a lot of media employers give preference to people who can flaunt the accent on air more than people who understand the dictates of the job. Hence, there is a rush for sounding foreign when you speak.

In fact, phenomenal TV Host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu noted that he once lost a presenter gig because his accent was considered ‘too Nigerian’ but that never stopped him from being true to himself.

Fine, as a Radio presenter or TV Host, you bear that responsibility of speaking proper English with correct pronunciation on air. However, this shouldn’t be taken too far as to force you to start simulating an accent that you do not ordinarily have.  As a matter of fact, a simulated accent will always be noticed as one. So don’t even consider faking it. Just try to speak elegantly to the best of your ability.

On your journey of becoming a superstar Radio Presenter, don’t copy anyone. Create your own style and persona and that applies to your content as well. Be original, be yourself for everyone else is taken and no one gravitates towards the fake.

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3. Choose Who to Listen to

It is ideal to have a mentor, advisor or generally someone who you run to for advice as you maneuver your way around in the industry. However, you need to be careful else you might get yourself completely demotivated in the process of seeking motivation.

Not just a mentor but anyone you seek advice from should be able to recognize your individuality and guide you based on who you are and not just who he/she thinks you should be.

A lot of people are better newscasters than programmes presenters. If you are one of these people, then anyone who you listen to should understand that distinctiveness. He/She should help you become better at casting news and not crucify you for not being able to present a programme.

Pay more attention to people who assess you for who you are and less attention to people who talk down on your abilities based on who they think you should be.

For the latter, more often than not will only land you in a place of self-devaluation. And that won’t help you to progress. In this case, few things are as true as Teni the Entertainer saying ‘Don’t let them tell you, you can’t; and they won’t help you, just so you know’ in her 2018 jam ‘Uyo Meyo’.


4. Respect the Process

This is an industry that pays attention to process. There is no shortcut to getting to the top here. You need to toil for it. Start from somewhere, constantly put yourself in the discussion by delivering the best of you at every given opportunity to speak on Radio and grow from there.

Don’t rush it; just grow organically. From being the guy that can do practically anything in the studio – we call them the ‘studio rat’. You can then grow to be more specific about what you intend to be, which opportunity to say ‘aye’ to and which to say ‘nay’ to.

Most of the superstar OAPs you are looking at today started from somewhere. They are at their reaping period now. There was a time when they were also sowing. So, just get yourself started and trust the process.


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5. Get Trained

Training is not just important to you as an aspiring On Air Personality, it is very essential. Just like you, a lot of people are also jostling for the same opportunity of being on Radio someday. Training helps you to become better and sets you apart from other candidates. It gives you the prime opportunity to refine your presentation talents, skills as well as your knowledge base about the art of broadcasting.

A lot of people find training to be expensive but the return on investment that comes with it makes putting in for a training really a no brainer.

One of the few media training institutes that offers the exact value if not more for what it charges is Media Basics Academy. The institute has been building a solid foundation for successful media practice for a while now. And their admission for the month of May is currently open. This comes in Full Time, Part Time and Online Classes with seasoned media professionals. You will be taught everything you need to know about social/digital media, blogging, podcasting, Radio and TV presentation, newspaper/magazine publication, news gathering, interviews, scripting etc.

Get about 15% discount off the May Session of Media Basics Academy training by registering through Learn Radio Online NG.
Get about 15% discount off the May Session of Media Basics Academy training by registering through Learn Radio Online NG.

The training starts from 6th to 31st of May for the full time and online classes while the part time classes starts from 11th May to 29th of June. Normally, this training costs N15,000 ($42) but we have been able to secure close to 15% discount for everyone registering for this training through Learn Radio Online. That implies that you will be paying just N13,000 ($36) if you’re registering for the training through Learn Radio Online.

All you need to do is send a mail to learnradioonline@gmail.com notifying us of your interest in the training and which of the session (full time, part time, online) you’ll like to enroll for. We’ll get the discount for you.


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6. Be Versatile

Versatility in the media space is the ability to discharge many different functions. A versatile OAP can present programmes in different formats, cast the news as well as manage the editing desk. He can also be the duty continuity announcer or a music librarian.

It is very important for you as an aspiring Radio Presenter to present yourself as being versatile. This especially if you are starting out with a Radio station as an intern, a volunteer or an understudy.

Radio stations want to have attached with them people who can give them extra value. So the ability to probably manage the social media handles of the station, the blog section of their website, compile news stories for the newscast, come up with script and advert copies, help with the whole production process etc will grant you the edge to be more favorably considered.

Meanwhile all of these and many more are what you will be taught by seasoned professionals at the May Session of Media Basics Academy training. As stated earlier, simply send a mail to learnradioonline@gmail.com stating your interest in any of the sessions and we will get close to 15% discount for you.


7. Involve What You Believe In

I wouldn’t conclude this epistle without stating this factor. At every given opportunity, I have in the last few months always stated that one of our prime problems at millenials is thinking that we can achieve everything we want in life based off our abilities alone.

The much some of us who are conscious of the influence of a divine being is to inform him of our steps which is wrong too. You have to involve whatever it is that you believe in, in your journey onto becoming a superstar OAP.

As much as we tend to disagree with our actions and inactions, there’s actually a supernatural being that controls everything that happens to us. He/She/It is embodied is what we choose to believe in. So, whatever that is for you, don’t just inform him/her/it but also involve him/her/it.


Wishing you all the very best on your journey of becoming the next Superstar Radio Presenter! And don’t forget to register for the Media Basics Academy training through Learn Radio Online by sending a mail to learnradioonline@gmail.com.


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