Andre Blaze

OAP Profile – Andre Blaze Henshaw

Name: Andre Blaze Henshaw Nationality: Nigerian Date of Birth: August 14, 1983 Age: 35 years   Profile Born in Calabar, Cross Rivers State on the 14th day in the month of August, 1983, Andre Blaze Henshaw is a Nigerian radio personality, television host and executive producer. Andre Blaze Henshaw @AndreBlaze is a Nigerian radio personality, television host and […]

Femi D Amele

OAP PROFILE – Femi D Amele

Name: Femi D Amele Nationality: Nigerian Date of Birth: November 14   Profile Born on November 14, Femi D ‘Dauda’ Amele, real name; Adefemi Olubunmi D. Amele is a multi-award winning broadcaster, development and multimedia journalist. He is a radio host, producer of web series, writer and political commentator. Femi D is a member of the […]

Jake Effoduh

OAP Profile – Jake Effoduh

Name: Jake Effoduh Nationality: Nigerian Date of Birth: December 12, 1987 Age: 31 years   Profile He is Jake Okechukwu Effoduh, a Nigerian radio personality, human right activist and lawyer. He was the anchor of the BBC Media Action community radio show Flava. Jake is currently the host of the popular sensitizing show, Talk Your Own: Make […]

Horatio Agedah

OAP Profile – Horatio Agedah

Name: Horatio Agedah Nationality: Nigerian Born: July 24, 1929 Died: October 31, 2007 Aged: 78 years   Horatio Agedah – Profile Foremost broadcast journalist, writer, administrator and lawyer, Horatio Nelson Oyenke Agedah was born on the 24th day of July in 1929. His father, Chief Thompson Nengi Agedah popularly known as Mallam De Tara and his […]