#TheOAPQuiz Challenge in Commemoration of #WorldRadioDay


Hello! Welcome to the #TheOAPQuizChallenge in commemoration of #WorldRadioDay.

I am the #TheRadioQuizMaster. Thank you so much for joining us in the challenge.

Before you start your Quiz, I’ll like to tell you few things.

  1. Learn Radio Online is a platform where we train the next set of Superstar Radio Anchors. These are people who intend to be like YOU someday in speaking a lot of sense to the microphone.
  2. I also want to solicit your support in contributing to the success of this platform by sharing your enlightened opinion through an interview session with us which will be published on #TheRadioChat column of this platform. So, pls do say yes to our columnists when they reach out to you to discuss contemporary issues and emerging trends in the Radio Broadcasting industry.
  3. What else? Nothing actually. Yes, this Quiz is our own way of celebrating Radio and nothing more. So, pls do share your result on IG with the hashtag #TheOAPQuizChallenge while tagging our official handle @learnradioonline. 
  4. Thank you for doing this with us. Let’s have fun! Happy #WorldRadioDay by the way!

Now, you can start your quiz.

All the best!


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