#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 001 – The Evolution of Radio Broadcasting

Welcome to the Episode 001 of #TheRadioQuiz.

Today’s quiz bothers on The Evolution of Radio Broadcasting and your questions are related to that.

Kindly note that you have limited time to answer the questions. You also stand the chance of winning something ‘lit’ if you passed this and a few more episodes of the #TheRadioQuiz.


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You can start you quiz now. Let’s see how much you’ve learnt about The Evolution of Radio Broadcasting.

All the best!

#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 001 - The Evolution of Radio Broadcasting

Which of these components of Radio Broadcasting was not affected by the evolution of Radio?
When was the vacuum tube transmitters introduced to the Radio Broadcasting System?
The early radio transmitters used the feedback oscillator which was invented by _________ and ____________
What was the system which was in use before the evolution of Radio DJs called?
Who is the foremost Radio DJ in Nigeria?
When did Lee De Forest invent the Audion (Triode) vacuum tube used in the early days of Radio broadcasting?
When was The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria founded by the British colonial government?
What was the system that allowed the public to hear the British Broadcasting Corporation's foreign radio service broadcasts called?
In 1939, the first radio station in Nigeria was established in which of the cities below?
What is the full meaning of FRCN?
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