#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 002 – Music in Radio Programming


Welcome to the Episode 002 of #TheRadioQuiz.

Yes, we have said that we cannot discuss Radio without discussing Music simply because of its huge importance in Radio programming. In fact, we understand the fact that no radio station can operate without music.

So, today on #TheRadioQuiz, we’ll like to see how much you know about Music in Radio Programming.

Kindly note that you have limited time to answer the questions in this Quiz.

Yes, I have good news too. I can tell you reliably that you stand the chance of winning 1GB of Data if you answer the questions in this Quiz correctly! Yes, you do! So let’s see how you’ll fare.


#TheRadioQuiz is brought to you by LearnRadioOnline and Proudly Supported by The Royal Media Afrique.

You can start your quiz now. Let’s see how much you’ve learnt about Music in Radio Programming.

All the best!

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