#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 005

Welcome to Episode 005 of #TheRadioQuiz.

Documentary is an important format of Radio programmes which a lot of Radio Producers are shying away from partly for the cumbersome production process involved in creating documentaries.

The other reason is the general apathy of Radio stations and independent producers towards pushing documented stories that necessarily don’t suit the mainstream narrative that they stands for.

We have discussed on this platform all that you need to know about creating awesome Radio documentaries.

So, today on #TheRadioQuiz, we’ll like to see how much you’ve learn about that particular topic.

Kindly note that you have limited time to answer the questions in this Quiz.

Yes, you stand the chance of winning 1GB Data of your preferred network. That is if you answer the questions in this Quiz correctly! Yes, you do! So let’s see how you’ll fare.


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#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 005

______________________ described Documentary as the creative treatment of actuality.
Which of the persons below is a foremost documentary filmmaker?
John Grierson
Horatio Agedah
Ayo Akinwolere
In a documentary, the gentle strides at the river bank, the ambience and intermittent chirping of birds in a monumental space, the ruckus in the market are referred to as __________________.
All but one of the following is not an essence of a documentary.
What is the backbone of a documentary?
Which of the following does Radio documentary bank on for its inspiration?
How many levels are there to a good radio documentary with respect to coherence and articulacy?
Which of the following persons is the producer of 'Making History'?
Tom Holland
Natalie Allen
Lynda Kinkade
While editing a documentary, attention should be paid to _______________________________ .
How many recorded actualities will you recommend for a 30 minutes or 60 minutes of documentary program?
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#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 005
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