#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 006

Welcome to Episode 006 of #TheRadioQuiz.

Putting together a newscast that is highly informative, compelling, engaging and interesting is one of journalism’s greatest challenges. It’s like preparing a great meal. All of the individual items must be good, and they should be presented in an engaging and appealing way. A flea on the sauce can spoil the rest of the meal.

We have discussed how to produce an engaging newscast on this platform.

So, today on #TheRadioQuiz, we’ll like to see how much you’ve learnt about this particular topic.

Kindly note that you have limited time to answer the questions in this Quiz.

Yes, you stand the chance of winning 1GB Data of your preferred network. That is if you answer the questions in this Quiz correctly! So let’s see how you’ll fare.


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#TheRadioQuiz: Episode 006

Who has the responsibility of putting the segments of a newscast together?
The segmentation of a Newscast is subject to ________________________ .
While producing a half-hour newscast, what percentage of the broadcast time is dedicated to commercials?
The lead story of a newscast says a lot about the station’s ______________________ .
Which of the following is a deciding factor in choosing the lead story of a newscast?
While linking the stories in a News cast, which of the following is best used to carry your listeners along?
_______________________ are short and precise references to what is coming in the newscast.
Items in a newscast should be grouped in some sort of ____________ order.
How many segments are allowed in a half hour newscast?
Who controls the production of a newscast?
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